Penis Size Matter – Find out if really does the Penis Size Matter?

Does penis size matters

One of the biggest questions that guys always want to know is does penis size matters. This question is literally about the their manhood. Society and culture have given men a bunch of different and conflicting messages about average penis size. The media has been very active in extolling the virtues of having a larger sized member, mainly due to the influence of business. There is a huge business opportunity in providing services the promise penis enlargement. Therefore there are large pressures that keep the message going that a man’s penis needs to be a certain size to please a woman. In not, they need to look into the services of a increase penis size extender in order to have a healthy sex life and please their woman.

Does penis size matters

Does penis size matters

In this article we will discuss some of the pros and cons of the different penis sizes. In regards to size there are advantages to each. Men who are considered to be below average in length and width are may be the perfect sized penis for giving head. If you are of a smaller size, the penis fits easily within a woman’s small mouth. This can make a women much likely to give head since it will minimize fatigue to her jaw. It will also allow her to continue sucking and licking for a long period of time with the smaller penis. This will be done without the danger of choking, which is advisable for all women.

There are other sexual advantages for average penis size guys and those on a smaller scale. These include anal sex and sex with smaller women. For almost any women, the smaller is definitely better. If the guy is too big and has had a penis enlargement, this option is far too painful for most women and they would not enjoy it. Therefore it would not be a good idea for guys to seek out an increase penis size extender if your partner is on the smaller side or likes anal sex. This partly answers the questions does penis size matters.

If a person is on the larger end of the scale, they might have a small advantage with foreplay. Most women would say that there is something satisfying about being able to wrap both hands around a penis that is getting larger and continues to grow bigger. This is where a penis size extender could possibly come in handy, in order to increase the look and feel of the penis. But these things can come at a price and be difficult to operate and dangerous. They can also be very painful and create a lot of trauma to the penis. There are plenty of stories about some of the different things that can happen when a guy tries to change his penis size. The size of the penis is best left alone since average is usually the best. Most women would probably say that the penis size is one of the least important things overall and it is a bigger deal to the guys than it is to the women. Therefore the answer to the age old question of does penis size matters is not really.


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